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Brendan is a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles. Spending the past decade acting in TV and film, Brendan has slowly began a transition behind the camera. When COVID struck and the entire world was put on hold, he found a new passion in shooting images. Photography has become his therapy, finding peace in seeking new environments ​to immerse himself in and fresh faces to capture. Brendan specializes in portraits but also loves to shoot nature/lifestyle as well. His moody, dramatic, film editing style creates a unique look to his images. Brendan has proven time and time again that he can take even the most simple subjects and make them look beautiful and timeless. 


His overall photography journey is quite young, and he's still learning everyday. However, his innate ability to see the world around him allows Brendan to shine behind the camera. He enjoys the human element of the process, truly getting to know his subjects and goes into each shoot with a laid-back, and go-with-the-flow approach. 


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